How To Turn Off Windows Defender On Windows 8/10

Windows Defender is anti-virus tools. Always protect Windows from the Windows integrated into 8 to 10 Windows, help protect your computer, yourself, always against the malicious software, malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans. When we don’t notice it will infiltrate your computer from sources scattered through the virus and via email, when connected to the internet, when we download the applications of unknown origin. However it is not yet strong enough to protect your laptop or desktop computer, often causing the full disk and very expensive resources on your computer. Through the article today will help you how to disable them easily and very quickly.

Both the Windows OS 9. x and Windows 10 do the same as each other

How to turn off Windows Defender on Windows 10

Step 1: right click on the Windows button You under the corner of the screen, choose Run as shown below

Windows Defender
Guide you how to turn off Windows Defender on windows 8/10

Step 2: Enter the command gpedit.msc , and then press Enter

gpedit msc

Step 3: In the Windows local group policy editor appears. You select the computer configuration administrative templates – > Windows components and you double click left mouse button on the text Windows defender.

Computer Configuration

Step 4: Click continue to double click on the text Turn off Windows defender

Turn of Defender

Step 5: Show Windows Tum off Windows defender, out you choose on the circle next to the text Enabled and you press button OK

Enable Window Defender
Enable Window Defender

Step 6: At this software to the Windows defender is turned off, to test you do as follows:

You press the Start button or the Windows key on your keyboard. You enter the command line Windows defender on the search frame and then it does the words windows defender in results showing up

Windows Defender

Step 7: When it is finished, the complete report this app is turned off by group plicy is that you have disabled Windows defender successfully.

turn of windows defender complete

To complete the back software mode windows defender. You follow similar from step 1 to 4, the only other is in step 4 you must change you must select Enabled then you select disabled , wish you success.

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