How to fix Error 100% Full Disk on Windows 10 by file. BAT

fix erro full disk

On the forums and blogs recently always refers to the issue of Full Disk, a problem is sizzling in the community about technology use Windows 10 currently, there have been many measures mentioned however the form that seems the thing failed completely. I have also seen this problem right after installing Windows 10 on air, the program in the Task Manager for report 100% of the Disk makes a lot of enforcement programs running slow travels very much though the computer has a fairly high profile. Through some research, I have found the main causes, is because by 10 of the Windows you do not use the copyright which uses a cracking program to use or have not activated Windows 10 immediately after installing the new.

However there is a way to overcome and I’ve checked the accuracy of it, the result was very successful, an advice to you after doing the instructions below to create the executable. BAT and run it then also you should use some software to do the optimization system, clean up junk files like CCleaner to regularly check the help for the operating system to function well. You should also regularly Restart the operating system to test and patch systems when necessary.

Guide to 100% FuLL Disk bug fixes on Windows 10

Step 1: First you open the the dialog box RUN with Windows + R and then enter tag notepad to open it up

How to fix Error 100% Full Disk on Windows 10 by file. BAT

Step 2: You copy the code below into the Notepad

past for code notepad

Then you press the File -> Save -> fixFullDisk.bat, next press the Save button to save the file, and then create a new BAT

How to fix Error 100% Full Disk on Windows 10 by file. BAT

Step 3: You right click on the file. The BAT was just created, and then select Run as Administrator to open the file with Administrator privileges

run administrator

After you run the finished file you just need to restart the computer to Windows auto fixes


So I show you how to create a BAT File Fixes Full Disk on Windows 10. This is relatively simple and fast without affecting the system or computer program that is running on the Windows operating system, to wish you success.

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