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Right now, using the Internet has been widespread in all areas during the current technology and batteries must be done every time the wifi connection from your PC, Laptop , then sometimes you would have problems not found or can not connect network WiFi at home, work or in the Office.

Wifi networks can fail with multiple causes and effects of the environment, the hardware, the operating system as well as a limited range of the Wifi device that you are using.

So how can you fix a Laptop computer does not get Wifi on Windows 7, Windows or Windows 8.1 10 then invite you to consult the same information that we have aggregated below.

Fix the computer does not connect to Wifi network

1. check the device detect Wifi on a Laptop

This is considered one of the most common causes of your Laptop computer could notconnect to WifiMainly due to the export profile you or someone using your Laptop and accidentally turn off the equipment detect Wifi on Laptop computer led to the cannot connect to the Internet.

Solution: Very simple, you only need to use a key combination to turn off the Wifi Finder back.

Key combination to turn off Wifi

Separate Wifi toggle switch button

Typically, you will use the shortcut key combination is Fn + Fx (with x may be the sequence of numbers from 1 to 9 depending on the airline that Laptop you’re using).

  • With the Asus or Dell: Fn + F2
  • With Lenovo: Fn + F5
  • With Acer: Fn + F5
  • With the Sony Vaio computer line or some other machines, usually will have a separate button to turn off the Laptop’s Wifi Finder.

2. Restart your Wifi Router

For a number of reasons that the conflict in the wireless router makes a Laptop computer could not connect to Wifi or because the device was active in a long time

Solution: Very simple dơn! You just need to shut down and reopen your Wifi Router or unplug the mains and then plug back in, then the device will automatically correct the conflicts and the computer you can connect Wifi back to normal.

3. Restart the PC computer, Laptop

Sometimes an error not connected to your computer by Wifi. When booting to the Desktop screen, you see the situation as no sound, Wifi, … Restart the Windows computer to Wifi connection back to normal.

4. Reconnect your Wifi

Sometimes for a reason that your Modem is faulty and cause the page can not be connected to the Internet. You can try removing and reconnecting the Internet with Wifi. For details, see how to delete the Wifi connection on your computer that we have shared in the article.

5. Lack of Wifi Drivers on your computer, Laptop

Sometimes, you will see the status of computers cannot connect to Wifi whenever installing new Windows 7, Windows or Windows 8.1 10 for PC, Laptop. To verify that your computer has been updated driver or not yet, you can do the following:

First, you select the right mouse button on the icon Computer or ThisPC >> Choose to Manage.

At the interface of the new window that appears, choose Device Manager >> Network adaptersCheck the icon dot yellow ladder? If there is a yellow icon then the Wifi Driver not installed.

Solution: You just need to find the driver and install it on your computer. How to find Wifi Driver is relatively easy, you only need to use the syntax: Name Laptop + Driver in the Laptop or the Mainboard Name + Driver in PC. In addition, you can refer back to the article quite helpful that we have shared about the way to install drivers for your computer.

6. The network icon dots yellow stairs

If you have checked but note above but van not connected to Wifi and your network icon appears yellow scale mark.

7. computer virus infected cause Wifi connection error

The computer is infected with the virus that leads to the condition can not connect brings Wifi is also pretty common causes that cause mainly because you enable the software flags sprinkled or without antivirus software protect v.

Solution: You can consult the General article about the free antivirus software as well as the copyright below to install to your computer a suitable software, Avast free antivirus software is being used a lot.

8. Turn on the Lan Settings button on the Windows

Your computer could not connect to the Internet can also be because someone has accidentally turned set Lan Settings on the Internet Explorer browser. 

9. Wifi player put in place do not match

Fact, the location the player Wifi is also quite important and that it decide to Wifi coverage capabilities in space, the room needs. If you put the player in Wifi near the iron or widgets around the wall being thwarted, waves of Wifi transmissions will be very weak and even is not connected.

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