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Windows 10 brings hundreds of new features to the Windows operating system. The new start menu, the Windows Hello (face recognition login), the personal digital assistant, install new Cortana, Tablet mode and powerful Edge browsers are some of the highlights of the Windows 10.

Because Windows 10 very different than the widely used Windows 7, users who have upgraded directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 by skipping Windows 8.1 8, need to go through a small learning curve.

There is a lot of information available on the web for beginners as well as advanced users but if you really get stuck with one of those Windows features 10 or if 10 of your Windows computer doesn’t work as expected, you have easy to contact Microsoft support and chat with them.

You can get help if you have trouble activating Windows errors and 10 or any performance problems. In addition, the support team will also help you remove virus and malicious things kh c from the computer Windows 10.

The good thing is you don’t need to call the Microsoft also not send mail to your issues. You can chat with support groups in real time right from the Windows device 10 and get the support in minutes. In summary, get the support in the Windows of 10 easier than installing an application.

contact support

In this tutorial, we will see how you can contact Microsoft support directly from Windows and chat with them to sort out your problem.

Contact Microsoft support via chat in Windows 10

Step 1: In the Start Search box, type Contact Support, and then press Enter to open the application Contact Support.


Step 2: If you haven’t used the account to log on to Microsoft Windows by 10, you will be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account ID (email address) and your password. Those of you not sure what is the Microsoft Windows account, please go through the difference between Microsoft and local accounts in the user guide of the Windows.

microsoft accounty

Step 3: In the next screen, depending on the problem you want to sort, click or type the option titled Microsoft account & billing or Microsoft services and apps.

can help you

Step 4: Next, click or click Windows .

services and app

Step 5: Click or click on one of the three following options:

# Setting up (install, install, and activate)

# Technical support (bugs and other performance problems)

# Protecting my PC (remove viruses and malware, etc…)


Step 6: Finally, click or tap Chat online with optional Microsoft Answer Tech to start the conversation.

contact support window 10

You can put any questions on Windows 10 and get played back in seconds. But before contacting Microsoft support, we recommend that you check the web before to know the viable solution.

You have experience with Chat Windows support team? You can find your problem solved?

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