4 ways to copy content from a website with disabled text selection and right clicking

ways copy from website disable

Right now, the current state of the article content to this web site to the site pretty is pretty city and it is also the problem that quite a lot of webmasters (people who do web) headaches. Therefore, they are usually inserted into a paragraph JavaScrip or use the Plugin to the left or right mouse key on your browser when viewing the information in the web site.

This operation usually has two sides, good point is that it can help the webmasters can block a stolen status his content to another user, however, it will be extremely uncomfortable when transcribing a few information , the image with which to do documentation…

In this article, I will show you how to turn it off this JavaScript on the popular browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, … to be able to copy the content, images or otherwise can be used left and right mouse features at this site.

With the Chrome browser, Firefox

1. Use the extension Enable Copy

With this way, can only be applied in browser is Chrome. To install this extension, you can do the following:

Step 1: Click on this link to quickly access this extension on the market Extension of Chrome

enable copy

After installing the add-on will appear a tick icon at the top right of the browser. You just turn it off as you can use to copy text.

active enable copy

2. Turn off JavaScript in Chrome, Firefox

This way, you can be done for all two current popular browsers are Firefox, Chrome if you want to perform the copy content from the website. The JavaScript can help you make the left and right mouse button operation, however it will affect to other components of the browser.

Thus, you should only turn off JavaScript and then turn right again after the made copy, save pictures from the website blocking and then proceed to turn back immediately.

Turn off JavaScript on the browser Chrome
javascript turn off firefox
Turn off JavaScript on Firefox

3. Use third site: Allowcopy.com

This solution is quite simple and can quickly help you copy the contents of the web page that is not made through many manipulations as 2 is on. Very simple, just open the site n y up then enter the path of the site need to copy the content, and then Enter or click Submit

allow submit copy

In a few moments, Allowcopy opens a new page where you can perform the mouse left and right to easily get the content you want.

However one of the biggest drawbacks of this page is to have too many ads appear in the pasted page path that sometimes can make you confused and you can just copy the text only, the image will not appear in the page for allowed to manipulate the mouse left and right.

4. Use your browser’s Print feature

This only applied to the Chrome browser only, in the content of the web page that you need to copy or save the image back. Press the key combination Ctrl + P – Select Print.


In the preview mode of the Chrome before Printing, you can copy the content at that site on your computer or Google Docs easily.

The above is the way can help you copy the content of the web page, the blog was blocked right or left handle, hopefully this article will help solve your current problem.

In this case, you can add the solution would be simple and more optimized in copy content in this web site, don’t forget to share with us via comment here!

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